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For more than 150 years, the Kirby family has been handcrafting the world’s finest marine paints.  Our products have graced ships along the harbor from the days of whaling to the present fishing fleet of today.

Our proud and rich heritage began in 1846 along the historic waterfront in New Bedford, Massachusetts.  New Bedford rose to economic prominence in the mid 1800’s as whaling merchants flocked to the area’s commercial fishing villages.  Along with island of Nantucket, this south coast region in New England dominated the world’s whaling industry. Herman Melville, prior to writing Moby Dick, worked in New Bedford as a whaler himself.   The city would be the initial setting of the book, including a scene set in the Seaman's Bethel, which still stands today.

Throughout it all, Kirby Paints has had a front row seat as a key supplier to this historic boating industry.  The company itself rose to prominence with the invention of its revolutionary copper bottom paint to eliminate the buildup of barnacles and other sea life that makes its home on the bottom of boats.  This one product eliminated countless hours of maintenance garnering awards that are proudly featured on our label.

Today, George A. Kirby IV continues the family tradition of producing fine marine paints. Our Kirby Signature Color line features an assortment of our timeless classics that you’ve come to know and trust.  We still handcraft our paints to this very day.

Thank you for choosing Kirby Paint!  We invite you to visit our store at 163 Mount Vernon Street, New Bedford MA. We hope our products will help you create your next seafaring adventure with your marine vessel.

~George and Shari Kirby

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