#02 Salmon - Marine Topside Paint

#2 Salmon

Kirby's Topside Hull & Deck is a traditional alkyd-enamel based marine paint. Our time-tested formula contains high solids and premium ingredients and is what has made this product a favorite in the marine industry for almost 175 years.

*Please note: digital representations of colors, such as viewing photos of boats or paddles from our website, are not always accurate. Due to many variables, colors can look different on a screen than they actually are. If you want to be sure it looks like you think it does, please order a Free Color Chart.     ~Thank you!

Need primer? https://kirbypaint.com/search?q=marine+primer
Want non-skid? https://kirbypaint.com/search?q=softSand

Brushing liquid? https://kirbypaint.com/products/brushing-liquid

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